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Abstract Dubai – Spacestations

These particular angles reminded me of spacestations 😉

More colour shots from the UAE

Some more colour shots from the UAE.

More material from the UAE

I continue posting more pictures for my “Modern Architecture in the UAE” series.

In this post also one colour shot sneaked in, although the majority of my pictures in this series are B/W only.

I hope you like this series as much as I do, I’m quite content with the results 😉

First works in the “Modern Architecture in the UAE”

I’m proud to present the first pictures from my travels to the UAE. The first ones will be already very abstract interpretations of buildings in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Enjoy 😉

Up into the light

A short break from the previous fashion portraits, here is a shot from the last devMeet in Kassel, Germany. I did a long exposure to get rid of the people who walked up the stairs, to at least make them appear as ghosts.

A really nice effect I did not account for before the exposure were the ghost-hands on the rails, this finally gave the picture a spooky flair I was aiming for.

Up into the light

Up into the light