Concrete Jungles of Tokyo

When I was visiting Japan in December 2015 one of my photographic main goals was to work focussed on shooting abstract photos of modern buildings in Tokyo. During the last times I visited Tokyo I didn’t have enough time for that and I was just focussing on buildings in Shinjuku, which is the district with arguably the most modern buildings.
But during this trip I wanted to explore the whole city and find all the hidden gems.

Unfortunately, as it happens very often, I just took home those pictures, but never took the time to select and edit them, but only recently in September 2019 (almost 4 years later!) I was browsing those images and decided to complete the unfinished work and make a whole series out of it, because they all follow a consistent theme and unlike my previous modern architecture photos they are in colour. I, however, wanted to keep the square format as my format of choice for abstract architecture photos, because it doesn’t put any emphasis on the horizontal or vertical axis, it let’s the geometries speak in a more neutral way.