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September 2014

Early Morning Sunset Hike

I’ve been on a really early “morning hike” with fellow photographers and friends some weeks ago. We planned to start at 3am to be as close to the peak as possible for taking sunrise pictures.
It was really painful to hike during the night, especially when you notice your (only) headlamp batteries die after not even 30min.. Fortunately Stefan had a spare headlamp for me
Thanks mate!

Of course we couldn’t reach the peak before sunrise, so Felix and me stayed at a lower position, a meadow with interesting big rocks and friendly cows while Johannes and Stefan ascended even higher.
After fooling around with compositions with cows in the foreground I quickly went to some big rocks, but then I noticed that Felix will be in the picture, hence I chose my viewpoint so that Felix will be covered by the big rock which is nearly in the middle. I guess the composition could have been better, but as soon as I put my tripod on the ground the sun was coming up from behind the mountains and I had to hurry to mount filters and setting up my camera.

And here are some shots, “Fading Light” was taken the evening before.