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June 2020

Sirui tripod repairs – part 3

This is a continuation of my ” Sirui tripod repairs” series:

After being happy with my Sirui  M-3204X tripod for a little bit over a year after the last incident (block sliding of leg sements) I faced another issue which had to do with blocked sliding, this time the culprit was the middle column, which was not sliding smoothly anymore.

In the following pictures you can see how a screw is looking out of its hole and the sliding notch clearly took some damage already.

It took me a couple of weeks until the Sirui Germany support responded to my e-Mail asking for repairs. After I finally got an answer, I got offered a new middle column, because the current one was beyond repair.

Once again I was surprised that the service offered me free repairs for a tripod which is almost 7 years old and discontinued. Sirui tripods might not be the most sturdy (only compared with the very expensive competitors like Gitzo), but at least you’ll always get treated with free repairs. So I’m still happy with my Sirui, as it’s still fine for my usage as a hobby photographer, it might be different for a professional though.