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New stuff from Japan

Lately I’ve been processing more shots from my past travels to Japan. This not only includes the beautiful landscapes of North Japan but also includes some modern architecture from Tokyo. I also managed to continue two recent series, the “Observer” and “Zebra” theme got an addition each.

Here are the first 3, enjoy πŸ˜‰


Top 10 of 2015

Now that we arrived in another fresh year it’s the best time to reflect on good and bad memories. Of course here I’d like to focus on good memories in the form of pictures. Last year I focussed more on landscape photography again, architecture photography was only covered by the trip to Frankfurt and Japan. Unfortunately the pictures of the latter trip (also landscapes) are still in the process of getting finished, so I’ll not be able to cover them here, which is quite a shame. In the meantime I’ve been to Tokyo again and came back only last week, so there’s even more to come in the architecture photography department, stay tuned!

Although I have the feeling that I didn’t go out shooting not nearly as often as I wished for I still feel and see an improvement of my skills, I no longer rely and focus on poplar locations a.k.a. “money shot locations”, I completely lost the motivation to shoot something which has been shot exactly the same so many times already. I tremendously improved my skills of discovering interest and beauty in the area which surrounds me. I however still struggle when it comes to details in terms of solid compositions and post-processing decisions. Often I’m also having a hard time with pre-visualization of shots which many artists highly rely on to fulfill their vision they already have in their mind before even picking up the camera. Well, that will leave something for the next years to concentrate one, I guess!

Now I want to present you my top 10 of 2015, without particular order. I hope you also enjoy those pics as I do πŸ˜‰


Remaining architecture pictures from Frankfurt

While browsing through my gallery I discovered that I already added the remaining pictures from Frankfurt, but I didn’t mention adding them to the gallery, so now I’d like to highlight the remaining shots πŸ˜‰

The next batch of pictures with a modern architecture based theme will be from my last trip Tokyo. Stay tuned πŸ˜‰


Visit to Frankfurt

Three weeks ago I’ve been to Frankfurt over the weekend to shoot the architecture of the only skyline of Germany! I once again teamed up with fellow photographers Alexander Otto and Jan Pusdrowski which I already met in south bavaria 4 months ago. They came with their friend Tino who was such a wonderful person to get to knowΒ  πŸ˜‰
After 3 days of extensive walking my feet started hurting, but it was well worth the effort.
On the first day we also met Jonas Piontek, a cool bloke which lives in the Frankfurt area. Thanks to him we were invited to see a live weather broadcast of hr (local TV channel) when we visited Main Tower for a couple of skyline shots from one of the highest vantage points in this city. I should also mention the fantastic burgers we had for dinner each day, man I never get tired of burgers wink emoticon
Thanx guys, this was such a lovely weekend!

I already started to process some shots and here they are:

Social Media B/W Challenge Result

Some weeks ago another one of these social network phenomena started out where you are being nominated and supposed to do something once or the course of several days, a challenge. I’m speaking of the 5 day b/w challenge where a photographer is supposed to post 5 b/w shots on 5 days in a row while nominating a new (befriended) photographer to to the same on each day. Actually I hoped that nobody will nominate me, because b/w photography is something I’m weak at, also I usually struggle to choose appropriate images for b/w processing. While noticing all the b/w works which has been posted due to this challenge I already thought that nobody will nominate me, but in the end I got nominated on facebook, from somebody I’d not expected to.

I haven’t done many b/w photos lately, but I was in the mood of processing some of my (normal) Dubai Shots from 2012 and 2013 in an extreme b/w fashion. Why is that? Recently I discovered the book project Dreaming of Dubai and after looking at all these nice pictures I instantly felt that desire to book another flight to experience this surreal place again.
It’s not like that this rather unauthentic and posh world is my thing, but still, that place attracts me a lot, because of the superlatives in modern architecture which simply creates a surreal world for me.

So I processed some of my Dubai shots πŸ˜‰

The first one is a view over the the “Defence Roundabout”, the biggest crossing on Sheikh Zayed Road, intersecting Financial Centre Road.

Defence Roundabout from high above

Defence Roundabout from high above

The next picture shows the dynamics of a big crowd of tourists while enjoying the Dubai Mall Dancing Fountain in front of the majestic Burj Khalifa.

Dynamic Crowd

Dynamic Crowd

One of the most memorable memories of Dubai was the desert surrounding it. On my first trip I went on a dune bashing adventure which was close to my best roller-coaster experiences. On my second trip I went to the desert again to explore and try to portray it. When you come from a Central European country (in my case Germany) and if you have never experienced an arid landscape it’s an incredible feeling to get lost in a desert.

Getting Lost

Getting Lost

This one technically is not from Dubai, but it was part of my last visit to Dubai / the United Arabic Emirates. The picture shows the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, which is the biggest mosque in the UAE and a very precious and impressive building.

Dark Fortress 2

Dark Fortress 2

My last shot in this UAE / Dubai series – which I used to contribute to the 5 day b/w challenge – is again about architecture and modern urban jungles. I’m afraid I couldn’t contribute more diverse themes.

The Observer 2

The Observer 2

Well, after finishing the series I was glad that I’ve been nominated to get some motivation to do more b/w processing. I’m even proud of the outcome, I haven’t ever thought of getting such lovely b/w shots after some long and serious b/w processing sessions. However I failed miserably in posting all 5 shots in 5 days, in the end it took me 7 days to finish the challenge, because I didn’t edit all shots in advance and just post one shot each day.

New architecture pictures from my trip to Japan

More material from the Tokyo International Forum, which was one of the most inspiring buildings during my trip to Japan.

Abstract Dubai – Spacestations

These particular angles reminded me of spacestations πŸ˜‰