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Last post for this year and new stuff from Iceland

Tranquil Jökulsárlón
Tranquil Jökulsárlón

A beautiful sunset at the breathtaking Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, unfortunately photos can’t simply describe how cool this place is.


Green Grotto
Green Grotto

This beautiful waterfall is called Aldeyjarfoss, it was our first destination on the way down the F26 which lead us through the middle of Iceland, all the way to the south, passing by many beautiful areas in the highlands. When we arrived it was around late noon and the sun was shining. We immediately started to find out whether we can have some of us posing next to the waterfall for a pictures we’d like to take during sunset or dawn. While we came closer to the waterfall I discovered that there was a beautiful lush green grotto on the other side just below the ledge, where most photographers stand on while not noticing the beauty below them. So I already made a mental note to not take that hackneyed composition from the ledge above, instead climb down to the green grotto below and try my luck there, risking to not get that “moneyshot”, which a lot of photographers are really obsessed about, instead my hope was to get away with an original and refreshing capture of this beautiful place.
We almost spend a good half hour at the rocks right next to the waterfall. While sitting there the noise of the rushing water and the bright sunshine was so soothing that I almost felt asleep on the rock. We decided to go back to the car, have late lunch and get some quality sleep before heading back for sunset and a looong night…


Bizarre Forest
Bizarre Forest

This was the only occasion where we set foot into an Icelandic forest.
Because Iceland has undergone extensive deforestation since Vikings settled in the ninth century there are not many forests to discover.
However we were able to discover a very deep and bizarre birch forest on our way down the F26. I really liked the shapes of the trunks and branches, unlike usual birch trees these had this gnarly zig-zag ppearance, which mad them look really bizarre.


This will be the last entry until new years eve, therefore I wish everybody who reads this a peaceful and restful time over Christmas and new years eve. CU next year!

Waterfalls and Canyons

Iceland is full of natural wounds, two of them are waterfalls and canyons, there are just so many.

One of these rather popular canyons has a name which is really hard to pronounce, it’s called Fjaðrárgljúfur, one of my favorites (3rd image).

Epic moments in Iceland after the light faded away

This time I present you some pictures which have been taken when the daylight faded away already, in the case of Elusive Light you might be intrigued to think the warm light is coming from a sunset, but this is wrong, the warm light behind the rock results from a moonset during late dawn.

Due to a low population and a relatively high population density in the capital of Iceland (Reykjavik) there are no other big cities on Iceland which would produce much light pollution during the night.
Therefore when we had clear skies in Iceland we could always see plenty of stars across the sky.
Celestial Dreams was captured in a particular cold night at Dettifoss we were lucky to have very clear skies, we could see the milky-way in all it’s beauty even with our bare eyes. It was really fascinating to see a pitch-black sky (not kidding), with millions of visible stars, it felt like as if we could see into space because the sky was so dark.


More Icelandic beauty

Here are three more pictures of my (N)Iceland series 😉

We were really lucky to see aurora borealis (or simply northern lights) already on our first day after we arrived, we could see the aurora several times during our two week stay, but this was also the strongest aurora we ever experienced.


Iceland Gallery added!

Finally I’ve uploaded the majority of my Iceland pictures, there is still some work in progress 😉

And here I present you the first 3: