Sirui tripod repairs

Remember the post Finally a new tripod from approx. 3 years ago?

Finally my Sirui M-3204X (nowadays N-3204X) tripod  has shown some wear and it was about time to get it repaired. Nothing actually broke, only the half shells – which are part of the sliding mechanism – in the upper segment were worn out and sliding out the segment was really hard or not possible at all. Sometimes the sement even came off, like shown in the picture on the right.

Actually I wanted to get it repaired already earlier but never was sure whether I would get it b14215410_1032975160154142_1926410967_oack in time for planned photography trips. After I returned from the Faroe Islands a bit more than a week ago I knew that I can spare the tripod for a while because no other photography trips were planned.

What can I say, I sent the tripod in for service and received it back within 4 days only! Fully repaired and covered by the warranty (which is 6 years) coming with a nice letter stating what has been exchanged and repaired. Wow, when I received it back I couldn’t believe that it took not even a week. I’m impressed Sirui! This makes me confident to keep recommending Sirui tripods to other people. The price / value ratio is amazing!


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  1. Daniel Muscatell


    I have a Sirui Tripod Legs and it isn’t old at all. One leg is stuck inside the other. I can’t even turn the tightener.

    Another leg came out of the other and won’t stay in or tighten.

    Can you please tell me where I can send this in for repair.

    It was a $500.00 tripod and very sturdy and I want to keep it and use it.


    1. phil Post author

      Hi Daniel,

      sorry for the late reply!
      Actually in the meantime I’ve heard other people reporting the same problem too, this seems not to be so uncommon, unfortunately.
      Guess where my tripod is currently? Yes, at the Sirui Service because the same happened to the other upper segments on the remaining legs.
      Have a look at this image, where you see the middle segment which slides into the top segment, the first two show quite fringed notches whereas the lower one is fine and I think Sirui might have exchanged a whole segment last time. The problem with those fringed notches is that the half shells don’t sit tight on them, they have room to move around and that’s eventually causing the problem that a segment gets completely stuck.

      Can you confirm that with your tripod? Can you take a picture showing the same part?

      Regarding the repair, just get in touch with Sirui in your country, they’ll will give further instructions how you can send them your tripod.

      Good luck!

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