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Landschaftsfotografie podcast about previous biggest mistakes and lessons learned

50. Landschaftsfotografie Podcast

Some weeks ago Alex (Homepage) featured me and our buddy Jonas Piontek (Instagram / Facebook) in an episode where we would talk about our biggest fails or mistakes in photography and what we learned along the way. Most of the time we screwed up we even have been on a photography trip together which made the retrospective more fun.

It’s a quite spontaneous and less scripted fun episode Alex wanted to have for the 50th anniversary of his “Landschaftsfotografie Podcast”.
There is only one caveat: Unfortunately the episode is in German language.

Enjoy the show 😉

50 Folgen Landschaftsfotografie Podcast – Jubiläum mit Jonas Piontek und Philipp Lutz


Encounter with a dinosaur

Canon 1Ds Mk2 - Dinosaur from 2005
Canon 1Ds Mk2 – Dinosaur from 2005

During the past 2 days at work I had the pleasure to work with this beast to take some “product photos” of the things I’m working on.  Wow, compared to my Olympus mirror-less camera this is a huge and heavy beast weighing almost 2kg together with the kit zoom lens. I haven’t been using DSLRs for almost 2,5 years now, basically since I sold all of my previous DSLR kit. For sure this thing here is build like a tank and robust as hell, that’s probably also the reason why we still have this old camera from 2005, but it’s so damn heavy if you’re not used to it anymore! At least the past 2 days reminded me why I don’t miss this ancient and heavy technology 😉

I’m also pretty sure this is one of those cameras which cause this peculiar disease called “DSL-ARM”, recently discovered by Olympus! Enjoy the video(s) at this website (side note: dont’ take it too serious ;))